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Gnostic Trends in the Local Church - The Bull in Christ's China Shop

Gnostic Trends in the Local Church lays out the basic tenets of ancient and modern Gnosticism. Though there are various authors who have written about Gnosticism over the past two decades, many of them deal with New Age teaching, or in a more limited manner, to answer the momentary surge of The Da Vinci Code and the Gospel of Judas. Instead of going in those directions, Gnostic Trends in the Local Church focuses on the more likely place one will meet Gnosticism: in their home congregation.

"This book exposes the many faces of Gnostic thought that often go undetected in local churches today. This is the place to find the practical tools that are needed to discern and defeat the destructive work of Gnostic ideas that are embedded in Christian worship and spirituality today."

Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies, North Park University, Chicago

Michael W. Philliber shows what the trends look like within a congregation and offers ways to remedy them, while abstaining from alarmism. This is an important book for pastors and other congregational leaders for providing them with tools (modern, ancient, and biblical) that will help them guide their people more firmly into the historic Christian faith.


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